Videos-various projects

Here are just a few examples of past and present performances.  Click highlighted routines to see  links to videos.

Bayou Blues Burlesque

Hard time killin’ floor- burlesque routine to live blues music

Ooops the clown performs with Fleur de Tease

Swinging Rendezvous/ Hula Hoop Striptease

Fruitless/ Aerial Stiptease

Classic Burlesque Classic Burlesque routine, used as the Spanish Dance in the Nutcracker themed show

The Hunted. Aerial duo trapeze : Ooops the Clown and Niki Frisky– A trapeze duet as hunted deer

Pump up the VolumeQuirky Burlesque routine, infusing belly dancing with 90’s fly girl dance styles.

The Molting Parrot act Fleur De Tease’s Zoo themed show– A comedy burlesque act as a parrot.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Fleur De Tease “Alice in Burlesqueland” Themed show– Trixie Minx and Ooops the clown do a hysterical booty bounce duet as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Ratty Scurvics and Ooops the Clown Valentines Day duetFleur De Tease Valentines show, Ooops the Clown performs aerial hammock and Ratty Scurvics plays his original song on piano.

Trixie Minx and Ooops the Clown in Zazzle – a beautiful shadow dance duet

Fleur De Tease goes to Dallas for Viva Dallas Burlesque–  Fleur De Tease performs in Dallas, TX.


The Famous Mr. Cheeze and Ooops the Clown:

Oklahoma Burlesque Festival- Ooops the Clown and Mr. Cheeze win Best Variety Act at the Burlesque Festival

WGNO–  Ooops the Clown and Mr. Cheeze on News with a Twist

WGNO – Morning News


The Mystic Pony Aerial Troupe:

Xanadu Hula Hoops   group hula hoop routine

Hey Mikki group dance and aerial number