Ooops the Clown (also known as Miss Ooops C.) is the Happy Accident of Burelsque. Her entertainment career spans over 12 years and keeps on going and growing. She is a multitalented variety artist and burlesque performer from New Orleans, La. She is skilled in the aerial arts, dance, comedy, hula hooping, acting and has a dog act, featuring The Famous Mr. Cheeze. She produces and performs a regular weekly show called Bayou Blues Burlesque, that has burlesque stars shaking it to a live blues band and always has the amazing and adorable performing dog end each show.  She has been a member of a New Orleans sensation, Fleur de Tease Burlesque Revue, since 2009.

Ooops began her career touring with the Scarpyard Sideshow and Ratty Scurvics in 2006. Then she went on as one of the founding member of the Carousel Cabaret troupe, which won 1st place at the  first ever Texas Burlesque Festival for their original group number in 2007. She has been a dancer with Anne Burr’s Dance Company since 2010. Ooops has been involved with many collaborative avant grade theater since 2006. She is,however, mostly know for her comedic roles.  Ooops the Clown produced a hilarious variety show called The Look What I Can Do in New Orleans in 2014. She co produced another regular weekly comedy and burlesque show called Comic Strip before that Bits and Jiggles from 2010-2016.  She has been touring and performing nationally and internationally for over a decade.

Aside from the above mentioned projects Ooops C. has guest performed in many local shows such as:  Big Deal Burlesque, Burlesque Ballroom,The Mystic Pony Aerial Troupe, Vixens and Vinyl, Blue Book productions,  and Flim Falm Variety Show.    She has toured solo as well as with several different projects: Carousel Cabaret, Scrapyard Sideshow, Pretty Things Peepshow, Ratty Scurvics Singularity, The Look What I Can Do VaRIOTy Show, Fleur De Tease, Airlift Project of New Orleans, Bayou Blues Burlesque,  Big Deal Burlesque.  She is a guest member of the outstanding, nationally and internationally toured Strange for Hire Variety Show.

She has acted and starred in many plays and multimedia productions all around town and has performed in four New Orleans Fringe Festivals as well as Fringe Encore productions. Ooops the Clown  has been lighting up the stage for over a decade and has no intention of slowing down.  She continues to wow her audience with her clever antics, stunning aerial routines, and top notch burlesque. Ooops C., a sexy phenomenon and on and on..

Other : Ooops C. Daisy/ Ooops the Clown teaches burlesque as well as pole dancing in workshops, classes, bachelorette, and private parties . Ooops also Gogo dances, Acts, Models,  Face Paints and does Make up artist work for stage and parades. She is also known for her exceptional custom-made showgirl head dresses. She is also a talented Tarot Card Reader.

  • •    2006 -Scrapyard Sideshow Tour
    •    2008-Present-Teaching Pole Dancing and Burlesque
    •    2006-09 – Ratty Scurvics Singularity local and touring
    •    2006-08-Carousel Cabaret  (burlesque/variety entertainer)
    •    2007- Carousel Cabaret performed and won 1st night of Texas burlesque Festival
    •    2008- Ratty Scurvics Singularity east coast tour.
    •    2008- Fringe Festival  aerial performance. “Lunatic King”
    •    2009- Present – Fleur de Tease (burlesque/variety entertainer, aerialist)
    •    2009-10- “Pomology of Sweetness and Light” Black Forest Fancies.  Fringe            Festival  (puppeteer and aerialist)
    •    2007-12- performed Voodoo Festival
    •    2007-11- Noomoon (burlesque/variety entertainer)
    —   2011- aerialist at Noomoon festival in Jackson, Mi
  • 2009-present- specialty performer in numerous movies and commercials
    •    2009- Present- The Mystic Pony Aerial Troupe
    •    2010- Project New Orleans Airlift/ Ratty Scurvics Singularity Berlin tour.
    •    2010- lead role actress in ” Legend of Suzi Sidesaddle” for Fringe Encore
    •    2011-  “ThreePenny Opera” actress / dancer/ dance choreographer
    •    2011- 2014- Freaksheaux to Geaux (burlesque/variety entertainer)
    •    2011-12-  Ratty Scurvics and the Black Market Butchers (performer, dancer, choreographer, and aerialist)
    •    2011-12- one of the lead actress in “Welcome to Desire” Fringe Festival and again in  2nd run Encore  of the play.
    •    2012-   Pretty Things Peepshow coast to coast summer tour (burlesque, aerialist,  and hula hoopist)
    •    2012-   Bits and Jiggles (burlesque/variety entertainer)
    •    2012-Present- Burlesque Ballroom
    •    2013-Present-  Look What I can do Varioity Show (burlesque, comedy, and variety entertainer)
    •    2013 (and many other times) performed in Dallas Lakewood Theater (various projects, all burlesque)
    •    2013- Present- Big Deal Burlesque local and touring project (burlesque/variety       entertainer)
    •    2013- Bayou Bugaloo Festival
    •    2014-Present- reoccurring guest performer with Vince Vance and the Valiants
    •    2014- Pinch-a-palooza festival with Vince Vance and the Valiants
    •    2014- reoccurring guest star in the Cabaret Clue Show (burlesque/variety entertainer)
    •    2014- Look What I can do Texas tour
    •    2014- Dallas Burlesque Festival.
    •    2014- Look what I Can do performs at the U.S. Mint
    •    2014-2015- regular variety entertainer at Lucky Pierre’s Club
    •    2015 – guest star of Bella Blue productions and Blue Book
    •    2015-present Comic Strip stars and produces Burlesque/ comedy Mondays at Siberia
    •    2015- Won Best Variety Act in Oklahoma Burlesque Festival with Dog Act
    •    2015- member of the Flim Flam Variety Hour
    •    2015- Creole Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue
  •   2015- member of Strange for Hire
  •   2016-present-Society of Sin presents Sexbomb Burlesque monthly 60s themed burlesque and live band at Gasa Gasa
  • 2016- Two Week Summer Tour with Mr; Cheeze
  • 2016-Oklahoma Burlesque Festival
  • 2016-Denver Burlesque Festival
  • 2016 to present- Produces and Stars in weekly show Bayou Blues Burlesque at Allways Lounge
  • 2017-present-reoccuring guest star at Society of Sin themed shows at the Eiffel
  • 2017-present- regular burlesque solo shows at Mahongany Jazz Hall as the Green Failry


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Ooops the Clown - Circus PerformerMiss Ooops/ Ooops the Clown a New Orleans performer. Photo credit Autumn Rose Luciano