Micheal Siu

photos by Michael Siu

Photo by Michael Siu

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Ooops the Clown as Macho Mojo Man with many hula hoops. A comedy character Hula Hoop routine. Photo by Enigma Arts

Mr. Cheeze and Ooops the Clown at the Dallas Burlesque Festival. photo by Karlo X. Ramos

Ooops the Clown and The Famous Mr. Cheeze. Photo by Melissa Stryker

Ooops C. doing aerial routine -girl of my dreams .Photo by Jon Gunner Grefsheim

Jian Bastille

Bayou Blues Burlesque first photoshoot at Acadiana Village in Lafayette, La. To see more work from Jian Bastille photography click here


From Backstage at Fleur De Tease show themed “Alice in Burlesque Land”- act “March Hare”

From Fluer De Tease show

From Fleur De Tease show, themed “throughout the ages”. early 90s routine titled “Trapper Keeper”


Mr. Cheeze saying “I love You” into the mic at Bayou Blues Burlesque

Bayou Blues Burlesque

The Famous Mr. Cheeze taking tips during a Bayou Blues Burlesque show

Taking at a Fleur De Tease show themed “animals”. This act is titled “the Parrot”

From the 1st Bayou Blues Photoshoot