The Adventures of Lost and Found Mr. Cheeze

It has been enough time since I lost and found my little dog Mr. Cheeze to tell the story. First off, I sincerely appreciate all the support that was shown throughout the nightmare of losing him. There were uncountable sweet messages, calls, text and around 700 shares of his lost dog post. I was overwhelmed and touched by the level of support. I want to thank everyone for the support. I also want to thank is former foster mom Johna Harris, Jeff Dorsey of the Humane Society, WGNO for posting the article on there news site, Angie Zeiderman for posting an article in NOLA Defender,  Pittbulls and Paroles, Allison Abuserman my neighbor and dear friend, Mac Taylor best man, Jane Stubbs one of my best friends, and all my lovely Friends and Family that posted, passed out flyers, worked to find and helped spread the word. Last but not least I would like to thank the group of traveling kids with hearts of gold that helped find my dog. Later I found out it was the 4th dog they rescued that week. It warms my heart and restores faith in humanity.

The Story: It was March 12th at 6ish pm, a day before my birthday. My husband, Ratty was going to take Mr. Cheeze out to take a ride to the store. Because it was a quick ride there and back with no stops he did not have his collar on at this point. When Ratty let him out to the car Mr. Cheeze ran to the side yard to pee, Ratty say this and went to throw something away and came back and Cheeze has vanished. It is not like Mr. Cheeze to take off so it is a theory that he may have been taken. Our good friend Mac came over as soon as we called to aid in the search. No one around us had seen him and we had search most any place he would be. Mac went home to make flyers.

Allison our dear neighbor got on the search team and helped me hand out and put up flyers in the rain. I was a stress bomb so she helped me immensely to stay focused. The next day Al and my buddy Jane showed up with a buttload of flyers. (I know Allison made like 750 flyers not counting the hand bills). We were telling everybody if they see the dog to take him to the St. Roch Tavern, so we went there 1st to check in and check how the flyers had held up in the rain. I saw a group of traveling kids walking past and jumped out to hand them hand bills. One of the guys says” my friend has your dog!” Showed another friend the flyer and says “yes thats the dog he rescued!! Your going to get your dog back today!”  I was so overjoyed I almost forgot to ask him where his friend was. He directed me to where everyone was hanging out.

I found the guy that once had my dog. He told me he saw Mr. Cheeze tied to a post with a shoestring so he untied him and took him with him. He confessed he had too many dogs to keep him so he gave Mr. Cheeze to his friends to take care of. We looked for his friends where they were last in a few places. Everywhere we went they had just left. He remembered that they were going to go to Pittbulls and Paroles for some dog food. So we all hopped in Allison’s car and headed over there. They had just left. I have a friend that works there named Woo, he got me some water and gave me his seat as I explained the situation. As I did this the sweet travel kid flyered the long line of tourist waiting to get in and tour the reality show facilities. Al told me to wait there in case they come back and both her and the kid left to see if they could catch up with them. Minutes later they came back honking the horn with Mr. Cheeze is the passenger seat. The whole line of tourist started clapping and cheering as I scooped up my dog. It was the best birthday gift ever.

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