A Few of my New Year Resolutions. So far so good

Just a bit into the New Year, here is some of my resolutions and progress so far.

1. Dedicating myself to learning to sew on the sewing machine. I have indeed started on this path. It feels like this one is going to be a new year promise I get to keep. I have sewed a few small pieces with a help of a friend. If I finish my Mardi Gras Costume I can easily see this resolution working out.

2. Reduce or all together quite drinking and a focus on health. I am rocking on the no drinking side of things. Made good choices so far to make things right. Excercising more, but I need more time to really be able to see how well I am doing. Soda and coffee have become new vices.  Have started on a path of healthier living but the switch over to eating better is met with many success and failures. This particular one has alot of layers to it, a lesson in patience comes with it.

3.  Commitment to dance classes, aerial classes and yoga classes. Are all still in the works but seem within my realm of possibilities. Won’t really get that win till Mardi Gras season is over.

4. Spending more time with friends and family. And make sure that people around me know I value them. I am doing well with this one.

5. Getting ideas out of my brain and into the world. I am loving this one!!!! And am enjoying every step of the way.

6. Clean and organize house. Nope, not yet.

7. Reconnect with things I find meaningful. This one is just as much about the journey as  the end result.  So far so good.



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