New Years Res. Update: Floating in a Sea of Change

Update on New Year Resolutions:

A few days ago I started to clean my house, got tons done (still have tons left) but pretty proud of how much I got done. The upcoming week is gonna be crazy with work and Mardi Gras so I decided to take it easy yesterday.For once it felt guiltless because my week has been a productive one.

I have told myself that it is okay to drink during Mardi Gras, but have stayed on my no drinking kick throughout the season, despite the allowance. I am sure as the day draws near I will be more interested in booze but I am pretty happy with my life without it. I am going to try to abstain till Lundi and Mardi Gras proper. And be done with it on Ash Wednesday of coarse.

There are a few resolutions that got left out from my last entry,
8. Learn Cajun French
9.Learn Slide Guitar
both of these are important but I need to make some more progress on 1-7 before tackling the last two. The Cajun French one I have already started on my own, but for me to truly have success with this one I need my cousins (or anyone) to help me and my Mawmaw to learn skype. My grandma not only speaks Cajun French but use to teach  it. I guess it should read like this: 9. learn skpe and teach Mawmaw to skpe. 10. learn Cajun French.  If any of my cousins are reading this please help us. My cousin Crystal did teach me to skpe once upon a time, but that was a while back and I need a refresh tutorial.
As for the slide guitar, Ratty will be my teacher. I am excited to learn from him. I am not sure about my musical capabilities, but won’t know unless I try.

I am doing excellent with the building of new routines and ideas. Its number 5 of my list, getting all the projects out of my head and into the world. I have a wonderful announcement: The Look What I Can Do VaRIOTy Show has a regular monthly show at the Allways Lounge. The next one is March 5th and will be a birthday show for Dr. Sick and I. I have surprised myself in the progress of costuming new acts and am doing well in training. I have made decisions that have helped me move forward and am feeling optimistic about 2015. I have decided to keep up the updates and also hand write a journal of my progress, this is  to keep things in perspective and stay encouraged. These blogs are part of that as well. I feel I am floating in a sea of change and the possibilities that surround me are a vast and exciting.

p.s. one of the left out resolutions was to pay more attention to my website….TaDA done and done!

A Few of my New Year Resolutions. So far so good

Just a bit into the New Year, here is some of my resolutions and progress so far.

1. Dedicating myself to learning to sew on the sewing machine. I have indeed started on this path. It feels like this one is going to be a new year promise I get to keep. I have sewed a few small pieces with a help of a friend. If I finish my Mardi Gras Costume I can easily see this resolution working out.

2. Reduce or all together quite drinking and a focus on health. I am rocking on the no drinking side of things. Made good choices so far to make things right. Excercising more, but I need more time to really be able to see how well I am doing. Soda and coffee have become new vices.  Have started on a path of healthier living but the switch over to eating better is met with many success and failures. This particular one has alot of layers to it, a lesson in patience comes with it.

3.  Commitment to dance classes, aerial classes and yoga classes. Are all still in the works but seem within my realm of possibilities. Won’t really get that win till Mardi Gras season is over.

4. Spending more time with friends and family. And make sure that people around me know I value them. I am doing well with this one.

5. Getting ideas out of my brain and into the world. I am loving this one!!!! And am enjoying every step of the way.

6. Clean and organize house. Nope, not yet.

7. Reconnect with things I find meaningful. This one is just as much about the journey as  the end result.  So far so good.