About Me

Ooops the Clown AKA Alley Ooops and trusty sidekick Mr. Cheeze

Me and my trusty sidekick, Mr. Cheeze.

My name is Andrea Duhe’, and I am a variety entertainer and artist.

My stage name (and all around nickname) is Ooops the Clown, I also go by the name Miss Ooops. I perform comedy skits, burlesque, dance, aerial, hula hooping and recently added a dog act with my little talented pup, The Famous Mr. Cheeze.

I am involved in many different projects at the moment. First, I’m a choreographer, performer, dancer, aerialist, clown for Ratty Scurvics and the Black Market Butchers. I’m a member in renowned burlesque troupe Fleur de Tease and a member of New Orleans-based Aerial troupe The Mystic Ponies. I am in a collaborative comedy infused project called “Look What I can do Variety Hour”. I am involved in many different burlesque and variety shows in New Orleans: Fleur De Tease , Bits and Jiggles, Freaksheaux to Geaux, Big Deal Burlesque, and Burlesque Ballroom. I do travel for special events and shows. I have toured nationally and internationally.

423332_3294264712088_1112352594_nIf you are interested in booking me or any of my current projects please contact me.

Miss Ooops/ Ooops the Clown in her carnival inspired Burlesque Routine Called “The Parrot” Photo by Shadow Angelina

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